July 30, 2007

Mind Controled

HP's newest push for back to school is called The society for Parental Mind Control. This is a very interesting campaign that really empowers teens and gives them a cool site to send messages to their parents for a new computer as they head back to school.

This is the first full Flash 9 site I have produced and it was really interesting to learn all the new nuances of AS3.

Take a look - HERE

The Lame Game

Most of the interactive ad games out there are a silly waste of time and they simply don't drive the brand message into the minds of the consumer and they end up patronizing the consumer to add another notch on its "hits" list.

What is lacking is a complete brand experience that represents the essence and purity of the brand rather than the duel of the dominatrix demanding that you buy the car they are trying to sell you.

Absolut did a nice job in their newest mini site (http://absolut.com/search).

I have been saying for years that every product and service will have an extension on the web, something that embodies and adds value to the product rather than dummy it up with some silly game that simply wastes time. I am more likely to buy a product that can be supported by a fully interactive website than one that doesn't have one. If I am trying to decide on a digital camera to buy I will most likely buy the one that has a comprehensive website that is also interactive that will basically teach me how to use and even optimize the use of my new camera, there are two kinds of sites the sell and the support. Most people don't realize that the support also sells as well.

This can work with anything, Burger King can support their product by offering interactive menus based on diet as well as offering fun and easy ways to cater on a budget and so on... you see where I am going with this. Impact is great and I love the fluff as much as the next guy but it needs to be backed up with technology and design that also aids and adds value to the stuff we buy.

Clever sites can be highly viral and spread word like wildfire BUT all the people I know who follow these sites and love the content and the entertainment rarely ever think twice about now buying the actual product.

Technology and design have eloped and didn't bother telling anyone so were all recovering from the news. I think it will take a few more years before the agencies realize that cute mini sites need to do more than just entertain the user but to completely engage them in the brand message and give them the best possible value added online experience. The cool stuff is fun and exciting but I also want to know how easy it is to roll down the seats in the SUV I am considering buying or how fresh the food at the latest fast food restaurant is