November 13, 2007

FWA! Zune...

Zune rightfully won today's FWA award.

Makes me really proud to see that come full circle.

November 4, 2007


Worked really hard to get this project. Its my last project with Firstborn and McCann SF. I'm really proud of it because its wonderfully executed and really fun. I admit I am a huge fan of the iPod but the new creative for the Zune campaign is really cool...

...regardless, the site is wonderfully breathtaking and a true step in the right direction for MS. The site is vibrant and ripe for additional content, a media platform for all that is Zune.

The player may have a tough road ahead but its on that road and willing to take on the mighty iPod with small jabs, creative kicks and a website that will give it a bit more credibility.

The site tells the story well, an exploration inward, its smart in a very creative way. What I especially liked was the seamless convergence of audio, video, depth, movement, interactivity and product.

I will not be putting down my beloved iPhone anytime soon but I definitely have a new understanding for the product philosophy behind the Zune.

Check it out here

Huge props to Mathieu, Joon, Eric, Tim and the rest of the Firstborn team for bringing this to life and for all their hard work on this.

class act

Recently saw a post on The FWA for a site done by Mark Ferdman's shop Freedom Interactive for the Matthau Company

Its really well done, great use of typography and imagery I was very impressed.