January 1, 2008

the year that was 07

I remember 1987 and 1997 both very important years in my life. 2007 also followed suit. They all hold very important shifts in my life. My parents divorced in 87, my first marriage was in 97 and my second marriage was in 07, very big events, many other things happened that I am not getting into but it seems that the 7th year in the decades of my life are significant times.

07 was the year maturity finally hit me, i moves on from FB and stepped into my new role at Touro. Produced some of the finest projects ever and really felt good in my skin.

OH! forgot to post this link for the Merit Award at the One Show for FILA

Its always good to make your resolutions public because then people can hold you to them.

I expect 08 to be the beginning a a creative renaissance for me. Writing, film making, designing, producing, directing and creating in many ways...

A year of focus, maturity, responsibility, growth and mucho love.

I want this year to be somewhat peaceful and nurturing, exciting and above all creative!

just needed to get that off my chest