September 22, 2010

Main Street USA

Just when we all thought the digital revolution was going to annihilate all forms of traditional media, entertainment and commerce.

Just when we started to forsake all forms of normal activity for an alternate world where you Like Followers and Tweet your Places.

Just when just about everything was done behind a computer screen along came a new wave of mobile technologies that threw a wrench into every futurists chances of being the one to accurately predict the ultimate demise of an age.

We humans are wired to anticipate the worst especially when we are smack in the middle of an evolution.

So in a preemptive measure we have all but said our eulogies to the ways of the past and have embraced a new future predicted to live and breath in cyberspace.

A future fraught with information overload, oppressed by privacy concerns, a life encumbered by social networks that were to incarcerate us in front of our computers lest we miss the latest status update from a distant friend we once went to middle school with.

Everything from social interactions, love, family, shopping, entertainment, study, games and journalism cowered at the massive berg that hovered over its dark future.

Commerce, being the blood that flows through the veins of humanity, is one area of our culture that has gotten the most scrutiny and that has been affected most by the web.

Online shopping steadily gained ground on the massive emporiums and charming boutiques that once lined the grand avenues of our cities and the strip malls of our suburbs.

Everything included free shipping and was received almost as fast as you could take it off the shelf and bring it home.

It was all but over for Main Street USA and aside from a generation that wasn't born wired, a new generation turned, almost exclusively, to the web to peruse an endless catalog of anything their hearts desired and the ability to get it at the speed of light.

Just when brick and mortar was licking its wounds and trying to rethink how it was going to survive the next onslaught of the web a funny thing happened almost twice as fast as it took the internet to administer its first deadly blow.

The mobile web was born and with it came a whole new way to enjoy the world around us.

New apps were created, by visionaries who understood that we couldn't forget our beautiful world, started to appear on our phones.

Apps that allowed us to use the world around us as the content we reacted to and our pocket computers is what we use to record and interface with our reactions.

All of sudden we sought out new and interesting real places to go so that that we are able to declare our visit.

We started looking at the world around us so that we may report within 140 character headlines that we saw a guy picking his nose on the F train or that we overhead some ridiculous comment some swarthy eccentric made at the bar while trying to convince a girl to friend him on Facebook.

We are now able to navigate winding streets for the best route possible and book a reservation at the restaurant with the most stars at the same time.

We can now research and book vacation destinations while waiting to be served our discounted meal and then trash the venue because of a lack of a Wifi connection and charging stations at the tables.

We have taken the web to the streets and now Main Street USA has a chance to reinvigorate itself by offering its charming and unique personality to our mobile web experience.

We use our devices like metal detectors, constantly trolling for new places, unique items and great deals.

Hoping to find hidden rarities and unparagoned places that will make help our status updates attract more friends and followers to our personal brands.

Venture outward!

The world is anew through the power of the mobile web.

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September 15, 2010


Its been some time since I had a moment to blog, thank goodness I have been super busy.

There is a new post coming very soon but in the meantime check out our Freedom + Partners blog to see some of my latest thoughts.

Stay tuned!