July 8, 2009

News Twitter Style

MSNBC has released an amazing new free iPhone application.

The app itself is nothing new in terms of what it does but the amazing part is how it does it.

The news is served up in Twitter sized chucks. Part of the set up process is to login with your Twitter username and password so that you can easily tweet any headline instantly.

Best Buy is the flagship advertiser on the new app. As part of that partnership, Best Buy is running a new mobile campaign that provides links to its deal of the day as well as the company's Twitter feed.

Twitter has changed the culture of communication and both entertainment and news as well as big brands have quickly adopted this new method of communication to interface with audiences.

The impact Twitter has had in such a short period of time is a refreshing sign that adoption to new and better ways to communicate and implement technology are taking place and that the digital space is continuing its rapid growth.

Understanding how to harness these new platforms will be a challenge but seeing some of the creative ways its being executed is great.

Definitely check out the new MSNBC iPhone app for a glimpse into the future of reporting and disseminating information.