November 17, 2009

Very Clean

The industry has been turned upside down with the announcement of brands now going directly to digital shops for work.

It is a truly historic time that I personally feel very privileged to be part of.

There has been a great debate brewing as to if digital agencies were ready to lead.

Daniel Stein of EVB sent me a link to some work that has made me more of a believer.

A conte so succinct and perfectly executed in every way. A video, simple, charming and completely engaging made by EVB for Orbit.

Digital is not just a website, its not just a microsite or just a banner. Its not just a touch screen display or an interactive kiosk. It is the next generation of advertising, storytelling and entertainment.

This latest piece is mature, charming and absolutely perfect in every way.

Are digital agencies ready to lead?

EVB certainly thinks so.