July 28, 2008

Dont You Forget About Us...

Today's FWA winner is North Kingdom!

I love these guys, they did Get the Glass! They are legendary when it comes to web development and design. Probably one of my top 3 favorite shops. But today's execution kind of surprised me .

I didn't think the site execution was all that great. The video was kind of so so and I am sure that was done in the States. But the site lacked a certain love and appreciation for the American pop culture iconic movie that The Breakfast Club is, especially one that is so dear to so many people.

The Breakfast Club is an American movie that has, good or bad, literally shaped a generation.

What American teenage guy didn't secretly adore Claire?

What American kid wasn't saying EAT. MY. SHORTS for like two years after this came out?

This is a slice of Americana. I may be sounding like good ol' John Bender when I say this but - THIS BLOWS!

I really think an American shop should have won this gig.

Saatchi did everything right except for one small detail. They hired North kingdom to execute this thing.

If it were anything else like American Milk, oh wait forget that... yikes... ummm

... Horses Running through the English country side then I would say North Kingdom is the BOMB!

But something as American and as wholesome as Milk, yikes scratch that, I mean The Breakfast Club should be done on American soil.

Wow I never thought I would be ranting about this but it just feels weird to see that remake and an foreign name attached to its creation.

I felt the site lacked a certain pride, a certain nostalgic flair, a certain, "like totally!" Or as Claire (Molly Ringwald) would have said "You wouldn't know. You don't know any of us."

North Kingdom, you guys get tons of respect however I am sorry but you did not do justice with this site. Probably not your fault, all the way out in North Yorkshire tucked away in the Humber region of England its hard to have captured the subtle "Bender" nuance.

JCP should have also insisted that an American shop like Big Spaceship or a former JCP vendor Firstborn or OH WAIT!!! I KNOW! maybe a shop with a really patriotic name, something like Freedom!!

Ok I know i went too far with that.

Not saying anyone did anything right or wrong, just wanted to vent that this could have been done better by the nation it so greatly had an impact on.

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