December 13, 2009

Buenos Tardes 2009

The digital decade is coming to an end.

A decade shrouded in uncertainty.

It began with a fright, the Y2K scare had those who would eventually usher in the digital revolution uncertain if the the time would even come, like a sort of stage fright for what was to be one of mankind's most progressive moments.

When the year 2000 stepped into the spotlight and we all blinked for a second to make sure everything was ok, what happened in that blink was the beginning of a revolution. Something did actually happen, we just didn't instantly realize what it was.

Everything went digital.

Vinyl vanished, analog moved along, information sped at us on the superhighway, music metamorphosed and relationships reignited. By the end of the decade we were all instantly connected via the social web.

Everything we did was digitized. The places we went, the people we met, the things we saw and what we thought at that exact moment was to be shared by everyone everywhere with access to the internet. We were armed with devices that would enable us to share every moment of our lives and exchange them with others like a social currency that would redefine the caste.

The result of the digital revolution was a new hierarchical division of society according to Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or LinkedIn connections.

At its onset it was the decade's abolitionists, its digital ambassadors, who were thought by many to be destroying the physical threads of society. The phone, the television, the printed word and all forms of media were all being harrowed so that the seeds of improvement and efficiency could flourish.

Suddenly we were able to store our media in the heavens and have anything we desired rain down on us at the push of a button, the click of a mouse or a tap on a screen.

The 2000s was a decade where our lives all instantly synced. At the end of the 20th century our grandmothers couldn't program their VCRs and digital displays were blinking endlessly like a beacon calling for help. In the beginning of the 21st century suddenly grandma was able to set up her email and is now forwarding powerpoint slideshows, mom shops online, dad is on Facebook and Twitter, teens are sexting and kids are programming smart phone apps and becoming millionaires.

We do everything online, and as we move into the next decade of the digital revolution that convergence is going to become more intimate, more fluid, easier, faster, more integrated than we would ever imagine it could be. Our new technological world will be more tangible, more tactile, easier to control and at the same time so much more complex than it has ever been.

2000 is about to update its profile to 2010.

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Merci for the background, and tres chic list of digital agency worlds--very helpful to a newbie like me!