March 14, 2006

Games Galore!

Games Galore!
Flash 8 has provided developers the ability to really produce some amazing games for the web. Coprorations are jumping all over this to create brand expieriences for users to come and play games that will not only make the corporate brands more recognizable to them but online games usually feature a send to a friend outcome that allows the user to pass the game on to friends and family.

Who doesnt love to play games? I recently played a game that was created for the console video game called BLACK. The game can be found here this is certainly a great example of an addictive game that embeds the product into the mind of the player. I played this game for about 15 minutes. The firm I work for has developed similar type games for companies that are lots of fun. Another absolutely addictive game is for all you Star Wars lovers out there. YUP we did that one...

Get online and look out for games like these from some of your favorite brands. Building a relationship with the brands you use and enjoy is not only fun but informative. In my case whenever i find a product i love it always becomes harder to find once i am absolutely addicted to it but now with the Web you can always find and order the hard to get stuff you cant live without.

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