May 18, 2007

Due Process

The emerging state of interactive multimedia rises from the ashes that buried it during the dot com tragedy. This new media is the savior of the advertising world, the second coming of promises that were first glimpsed when life was given to the web. The early dot coms all died for the cause. It was a revolution that went into hibernation waiting for the speed of broadband to recharge its ambition. Amazonian expectations were set and now being fulfilled in only its second generation.

Digital trailblazers, men and women, boys and girls who traverse the gigs of terrain that lay before them contained inside of a simple box streaming through infinite amounts of information, art, organization, tools and environments that keep them soaking up culture like a sponge. I marvel at the accomplishments of the medium. The web has given us a universal platform that extends beyond any limitations. It is our interface to the world, the way we learn, the way we study, the way we search and the way we communicate.

Millions have found love, life and opportunity on the web. It has created a gateway to every corner of the earth. There is no place the web doesn’t penetrate. The web is clothed in technology and ideas.

The days of static sites are gone, interactive web design is now truly an art form. The ability to not only create something visually awesome but an application that has so much functionality and purpose. Be it entertainment value, information, commerce, communications or warning, the interactive realm has emerged the creators of this new world.

When I was in grade school I had always felt a sense of emptiness when learning about the famous explorers of the new world. Columbus, Pizzaro, Orellana and Cabeza De Vaca had all uncovered the final unexplored territories of the world. They created a new world; they expanded boundaries and were responsible for new life. I knew at a young age that I was never going to have an opportunity to sail the high seas and uncover the mysteries of the planet and a streak of jealousy would strike me leaving me to ponder more realistic employment for my future.

Become a doctor, a lawyer, maybe a cop or a teacher? I never entertained any one of those suggestions, I would rather do nothing. Always an artist I was never without a pen or marker in my hand. I would decorate everything and my eyes seemed to make everything move. If I could only push that, or pull that, if I could only see the next scene or adjust the color of everything I saw. I was desperate for something that didn’t yet exist but something I was very prepared for and when I found it I knew, I didn’t need any lessons as to what it was, I knew that this was my world and I was going to explore it.

My passion for online interactive multimedia is beyond any of the corporate sites that I produce. It just gives me an opportunity to think and live in my world all day. I create new trails and develop new ideas that push the web deeper and deeper. The impact of my involvement extends way beyond the limited borders of my city, state and country. My work travels through a new dimension, a new world that begs for beauty, knowledge, spirit, faith, and inspiration.

I am an explorer. I explore the web and uncover its potential, I push its limits. The message I chose to transmit over this giant pipe is inspiration. No greater message can be transmitted. Mankind needs inspiration; the television killed our minds, so passive and so dreary. It’s content to broad to comprehend yet simple enough for mass murder.

It no longer shapes our minds and our views. Everyone has a place on the web. Everyone is represented and everyone is honored. The ridiculous, the creepy and the sappy all converge here. No two sites the same, each one a digital representation.

On the web video and sound stream like the great untamed Mississippi River across the American landscape. This is the new frontier, the uncharted territory that invites the explorer to trek its terrain. It’s not the physical rather the mental wherewithal that the explorer must possess. Creative thinking goes into every search, every site, and every blog and every link.

I love this new frontier. Its capacity is endless and its potential is infinite. The tools have become common and now everyone has access, anyone can breathe new life and their own soul into this container and express their voice.

Inspiration is the new creative.

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