October 21, 2007

little known trick

7:10am on a Sunday morning, its quiet, peaceful, quiet.

My first week as Director of Online Services @ Touro has been really interesting. Still waiting on a programmer, I took out my design hat and tried it on for a bit, was pretty impressed when I whipped up a new logo for the Law School and blew out some 2.0layouts that looked pretty sharp.

This new week should prove to be solid in both my direction for the new medical school in Harlem as well as the business school downtown. Still need a programmer.

Keeping my eye on Zune over at FB, I still feel extremely connected to the old account, I feel its my responsibility to look after it, although its in good hands with Tim.

I guess when you lead a charge you want to make sure its finished up properly.

Otherwise, all is all, wisdom is coming, stay tuned.

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