March 16, 2008

Behind the Times

Being an artist, a designer and a true innovator a person MUST be one step ahead of the game.

2.0 is upon us and its purpose is to finally establish standards, design practice and solid medium for the platform. It is about ease of use and data visualization. Flash, video, layout online and a maturation of the platform as a whole. 2.0 is about being comfortable in our skin and laying down another foundation for the most rich and robust medium in history.

I think that we need to focus on philosophy, analytics, and delve deeper into the human mind for 3.0 we will see motion sensors, touch screens, reaction and emotion. Databases and data visualization will also be sent to the forefront of this push. Things will be smarter, faster, more engaging and strategic.

We are on a fast pace towards the future, everything is accelerated and it is upon the designers, the developers and the innovators of the world to keep up with that pace in order to make sure the future is well organized, pretty and makes sense...

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