March 10, 2008

Squeeze me

I had gotten tons of feedback on an article I wrote a few years ago called Art Vs Design and this is one response to that article that I really enjoyed.

You can check it out here

I especially liked Jennifer's conclusion:

While this article does a great job of defining the basic distinctions of the Artist vs Designer, it doesn't take into account the entire 21st century role of Postmodernism in art. While the Modernism movement might have agreed with the distinctions between the two types of visual composers, Postmodernism is defined by it's antithesis.

I like what she said because I strongly disagree with it!

First of all this whole "modernist' and "postmodernist" bullshit is simply that! Bullshit.

Art transcends all "terms" and these terms are usually added to subjects because of the desire for people to organize things in such a way. Art is expression, and expression is not only timeless but time bound, it lives in the moment and hangs there as time passes. You may mark its creation but it lives on regardless of that mark.

So to use terms such as modern, or post modern only strangles the subject and makes it even more elusive.

To me the very term POSTMODERNISM is absurd. Everything that isnt yesterday is modern, postmodern is just a distinction that helps those who need to tag and clarify for the sake of organization, do so. The question still stands. Am I an artist or am I a designer?

The roads remain parallel yet they seem to be crossing at every turn.

"The term is closely linked with poststructuralism (cf. Jacques Derrida) and with modernism, in terms of a rejection of its bourgeois, elitist culture."

This is a complete farce... Art begs for attention, it is the deep desire of most artists to have their expression accepted by the world and to be lavished with the riches of the bourgeois and the elite...

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