May 31, 2008

Clap Clap!

How much more jealous can I get of this shop?

They just don't quit with putting out simply awe inspiring work. The latest digital symphony of pure genius and today's FWA winner is for Softbank and its called Hello World.

This new site defines a style for a medium that has no set specific style yet everything about this site screams "WEB".

The quirkiness is pure Japanese charm and what better way to keep users on the site than a catchy tune and chorus of every element on the page clapping. I cant stop, I love the avatars, they are strangely human as looked at with Internet Glasses.

Hello World, The Elastic Mind for MOMA, The Drop Clock, oh! and anything UNIQLO

This is the year of tha ltd. what they have done so far this year alone is monumental.

Hats off to tha ltd. these guys are serious about what they do, they shape our medium with every site they put out, never the same old, always something inspiring.

These guys don't waste their time with big brands that put out the same sites every day, they never execute anything just for the sake of executing it, they create pure inspirational masterpieces with brands that strangely adapt to their style rather than tha ltd. adapting to a particular brand.

They are the template for what success is in this business.

tha ltd. is definitely the coolest kid in the school yard, tha ltd.

Can I be your friend??

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