June 2, 2008

Creative Codex

Books are a legacy. They are the only real fossil an artist can leave behind in this world. A bound and organized object that houses his thoughts, art, work, pictures or words. A book that can be handed down from generation to generation as gifts to the posterity of those who are yet on this earth.

I recently made a book for my children this fathers day that captured our greatest moments, I got this book today and I can honestly say that this is truly the greatest $30 anyone can ever spend in a lifetime.

I create websites for some of the largest clients in the world, but after creating one of these books for my kids I can truly tell you that there is no better feeling in teh world.

APPLE did NOT pay me for this! I promise.

Go to iPhoto and check out the Create a Book feature and go crazy! I did and I am really impressed with the results.

Trust me on this one.

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