May 17, 2008

The FWA Commits Murder

Video did it, the internet did it and now the FWA did it!


Media loves to kill. The new must over take the old.

There is a rule and it kind of explains why sometimes bad things happen to the good.

When something is good its good! The perfect harmony and balanced perfection are obvious, but then it grows, its evolves and must now get better... in order for better to take root, the old good must be destroyed.

The FWA is good, no need to destroy it, its great! is not better, its different.

Its been 8 long years since the FWA started awarding websites day in and day out. After 8 years a new site has emerged.

The FWA Theater or as Rob might call it The FWA Theatre, has launched!

Video on the web has been the tiger crouching at the gates, its pounce has been a thing of beauty and who better than to document the best and the brightest than The FWA!

The convergence is here, video has made the web its home, and the FWA just became its den. The vastness of YouTube and the exactness of Hulu and ABC are for the masses, what Rob has given us once again is that spotlight, that magnifying glass to help us all see things a bit closer and help us all get better by wanting to beat out what we were just blown away by.

Every industry has a source, the creative womb where ideas are hatched and nurtured. Media is certainly one of the most creative industries in the world, music, movies, advertising and experimentation are all characters that play themselves out each day on the FWA and now they will come to life in the form of video, motion graphics, and anything else that cane be shown at around 24 frames per second.

I'm very excited about the new site and will now have to sacrifice sleep to stay on top of the best and the most creative out there.

Media has been slain once again.

Thanks Rob!


Steven said...

Sure would love the FWA to have an RSS feed or two... besides ads, why make me visit?

Craig A. Elimeliah said...


An RSS feed off of the FWA would definitely be something many people would probably subscribe to, however I personally feel that the FWA is one of those sites that encourages the user to be very proactive in its visiting habits. The site is a resources for the industry to gauge where things are at and part of doing that should be that the industry actively goes to the site in order to glean its reward.

The FWA is a very unique site that serves a number of very subtle but very important unique purposes and one of those purposes is to keep us industry folk nimble and aware, to keep us trained like tigers ready to produce the next big thing based on all the daily inspiration that we hunt for on the site.

I can tell you personally that when I start a project I always skim the FWA for some ideas or a certain execution, to do a certain amount of trend spotting and to get charged as to what the bar is and how to beat it!

So as wonderful as RSS feeds are... I personally don't think they truly embody the ultimate purpose of why the FWA exists today.

Steven said...

Thanks Craig... I'm very much a fan too. I just think a feed would benefit users who manage all their "consumable" content with feedreaders. I'm admittedly lazy and clicking on links is so 1990s. Frankly, I tend to forget if it's not in Bloglines. :)

Craig A. Elimeliah said...

Cant be lazy in this fast paced biz. I agree with you in terms of practicality, however to be successful in this biz you cant be at all practical. Gotta make the time.

Steven said...

So true. So true. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig. We will be keeping submissions tight for the onset. We want to be sure we are only hosting/posting, the best of the best, of the best.