May 10, 2008

One love, we get to share it, leaves you baby if you, dont care for it...

The list of this years ONE show finalists.

I'm personally very proud of Zune Journey making it on this list, worked hard on this one, congrats to all the others here, great lineup of work for this year!

Halo 3 was sicker than sick! Axe always hits the mark, I personally loved Absolut Brasil, and Orange Unlimited made me re-think a lot of things... all very good executions, im very proud to be part of this industry.

The Anatomy of Pro-Safe
Rev64: EndWar Teaser Site
Shrek’s Treketh To Adventure
Coke & Faithless
Motorola City
AXE Let the Game Continue Website
Sing with Roots
Sprint Holiday Card
The world is my canvas
H&M Kylie
C30 Think outside the box
The Perfect Kick
Comcast Triple Slanguage
Absolut Brasil
Who the #I%$ is Fermin?
It’s D
Land Cruiser Experience
Music in a bottle
Hello Freedom
Levi’s Copper Jeans
Orange Unlimited
Zune Journey
Lincoln MKS Reveal Site

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