July 3, 2008

Co-Dependance Day

July 4th, the official kick off of the summer season, when things heat up and slow down.

The city empties out like a Jr High School fire drill and folks like me who choose to vacation in the desolate metropolis I love, get to have some peace and quiet with Miss NY for the weekend.

I am sitting on a bench on 84th street and central park west. Tons of free Wifi here, strong signals.

Before I made my way to the bench I was walking down the street tapping away at my iPhone emailing co-workers. A jogger, also distracted, and I collide, just a bump, but enough to startle the shit out of one another.

I almost drop my phone and as I'm juggling it from falling, I see a big smile framing a gap between two front teeth and I stand back and take another look and its Morphius from the Matrix, and for a split tiny second I was instantly prepared to swallow the blue pill. A very weird mental crossover occurred that for a single moment took hold of me.

But alas just another celebrity enjoying the peace and quiet of the city, we say our apologies and move on, no Matrix for me, bummer, but for a second, I was fully prepared to go engage in some combat training.

Anyways, its a beautiful day, there are like 50 live wifi signals here, the breeze is gentle, the coffee is iced and I am about to go meet some friends later for Karaoke.

Its a great way to start the summer, tons of awesome work ahead next week and a mini vacation in-between.

Happy 4th of July!

Independence is lonely, celebrate unity and love!


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Bram said...

I miss the Matrix craze. I remember watching the first one 11x, the rest of the trilogy were must see in theaters and had to be bought as soon as they came out.

I hope something else will come along that'll make me that excited. Whether it's gapman free or not doesn't matter - I can't remember seeing him in anything else? I think Neo did a good job of shaking off the Matrix identity in pursuit of furthering his career.