July 9, 2008

The Writing On The Virtual Wall

The speed of the internet is blinding.

Our industry accelerates faster by the day.

As soon as 2.0 took off and the commitment to standards, layout, cleanliness and integration with web apps became all the rage, it burned itself out like a supernova.

Well, I always wondered what that day would look like when you wake up and things are suddenly different.

Today is that day.

Red Interactive had put out a site with multi user avatars and chat enabling live social interaction between people online, live, in real time, where you can talk, play, kick, punch, laugh, exchange goods, befriend, and lots of other cyber-things.

It was cute, won tons of awards, really put them on the map.

It was a precursor to what we are about to see everywhere.

Websites driven by people, live people, all assuming various personae, playing games, chatting, interacting, exchanging ideas, virtual products, and anything else creativity can conjure up. Oh did I mention they can all do this at the same time!

I wake up today and I read an article that Google is now entering this ring of live online interactive social sites a new service they call Lively.

Then i go over to the www.thefwa.com and low and behold, the site of the day is none other than a live, multi user interactive avatar chat and game site!!! For Slim Jim!

I was blown away, today is one of those days where you wake up and everything kind of shifted from gear 2.0 to gear 3.0 and will never be the same.

In a way I am happy.

Stay tuned for more in depth coverage of 3.0

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