August 24, 2008

Why is it...?

Has Crispin lost its mind?

Has Microsoft gone mad?

Is Jerry Seinfeld crazy?

What is going on here?

How much more desperate can Microsoft get?

What means will they employ this time to plug the gaping hole in the side of its sinking ship?

I have worked on quite a few Microsoft projects with McCann SF and TAG so I feel like I can speak on this subject.

McCann SF was one hell of an agency that really worked hard to prolong the inevitable death of Microsoft. There was nothing more McCann could have done to keep the Window from breaking, and it looks like Crispin just threw a hardball right through it.

Windows Vista is a flawed product, computer companies everywhere are moving away from windows and looking for other ways to compete with Apple.

OS X is continuing to win over new users by the day due to the virus strains called iPodinae & iPhonesvirinae that has infected the public.

Point Number 2:

Doesn't any one remember the Mac in every single episode of Seinfeld?

Watch any episode, I dare you, you will find a Mac in the corner of Jerry's apartment nearest to the window on his desk in every single episode.

Jerry was not only a Mac owner but Jerry was an early adopter, he always had the absolutely newest model including the 25th anniversary issue.

How the heck is Crispin going to spin this one?

This was the year we see Gates retiring, its no wonder, the man is not an idiot, with the world clamoring over their precious iPods and iPhones it was no surprise that we have now entered into the "Switch Age" where the once mighty Windows once ruled is now a depleted creatively challenged office thirsty for some sweet titanium casing and that playful dock at the bottom of the screen. No more anti virus software and less crashing.

Apple's market capitalization is at nearly $162 billion. This means Apple is surpassing Intel, valued at $155 billion and IBM at $157 billion. Thus, Apple is rapidly closing in on Google ($200 billion), perhaps Jerry will be the one to help Apple get closer to the "mighty" Microsoft, valued at $290 billion.

I say let Jerry end his career as the hypocrite he will look like while peddling the flawed Windows Vista.

I nominate Larry David as the lovable idiot who should go head to head with Jerry and endorse the Mac. After all its his success that has carried on while Jerry rots in Vegas.

Why do they call it a "building"? It looks like they're finished. Why isn't it a "built"?

Maybe Jerry should use that routine in his new Vista commercials.

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