November 20, 2008


ThoughtPile won today's FWA award!!!

There is also an article published on The FWA to accompany the achievement.

In addition to ThoughtPile we also partnered with Mono to create this absolutely cool product site for the new Embody by Herman Miller.

Check it out here: Embody Micro Site

Both these two sites represent a kind of reconnaissance in interactive design. Designed by Vas Sloutchevsky, both employ 3D and all of the latest technologies yet the design is completely classic, I really enjoy the lack of sizzle and corporate brand bling that usually bloats a good idea.

Congratulations to the entire Mono and Freedom + Partners teams for a job well done.

1 comment:

Lukasz said...

Great interface! I think there is plenty of ideas to be explored in the area of circle based navigation. It can be not only engaging but also efficient if well done.

We have been working on some in Cookie's kitchen and thoughtpile is cool inspiration.