November 27, 2008

Fowl Play

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year thanksgiving is riding the momentum of the nation, a new president, a teetering economy, a cultural shift and a world at war.

Us Webicrats sometimes lose site of what is going on "out there" because we are so busy "in here" designing, developing, programming, strategizing, and telling stories.

We sometimes get competitive, harbor anger amongst one another over accounts, clients, projects, work, whatever...

We are very fortunate and should be thankful that aside from the crazy deadlines, budgets, long nights, fickle clients and creative challenges we do what we love and live in relative peace and comfort, we are surrounded by toys, computers, and "kids" like ourselves who get to sell things by having fun.

There are now 125 dead, 327 wounded in attacks in India.

Lets all be thankful for everything we have and do each and every day.

Thanksgiving is a great way to head into the end of the year on a positive note so that the new year begins with a cheerful outlook and brotherly love amongst all human beings.

We should all reflect on everything we are thankful for, and internalize that thankfulness so that we may reflect it upon others around us.

Have a happy and a meaningful Thanksgiving holiday and may this season of change be for the good.

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