November 17, 2008

My Hero

The buzz in the industry this year has been swirling around the concept of story telling.

In an "ad age" where the old guard is passing the torch to the new, where advances in digital media have not only propelled the industry into the future but has also set it on a unchartered path, where the web has become the central storytelling hub for a many industries.

Take a breath, OK, continue...

Michael Eisner was quoted, saying “YouTube is to the Internet what a nickelodeon is to the movies. It’s the preliminary installment of what is to come,”

So what is to come Michael? his response is “Great, creative storytelling.”

- Michael Eisner says to AdAge.

Then in the famous interview heard around the ad world, Lee Clow was quoted on this topic as well:

“Online advertising is still semi-nowhere. It’s very intrusive and annoying and kind of the worst of our business in terms of pop-up and flash, and jump up and down”….”The ability to use the Internet in terms of great brand storytelling is still at its infancy,” he said. “The Internet advertising media, cross my fingers and hope to God, with bandwidth and with some ability, is going to become more artful; it’s going to become more interesting. … But it’s going to take creative people to embrace the possibilities of what you can do on the Internet in terms of advertising and storytelling and make it a little better and smarter.”

Story telling is what is going to save the web from its intrusive and annoying toddler stages. It will be the maturity that the web will eventually grow into and will become a giant field overgrown with thick, lush, dew-laden, story telling in the most creative, technologically advanced, and impressive ways we have ever seen.

Right now we are NOT there yet.

That nagging top header, that annoying left nav and that over bloated center table doesn't seem to want to die just yet. The hyperlink and the rollover are still lingering in our interfaces and we are still tripping over stingy footers.

However! Do not despair!

Today's FWA SOTD award went to Cookie a shop from Poland who in my opinion showed us one way to tell a story online.

The website is called Day To Day Hero and its super!

Check it out here: Day To Day Hero

Lukasz Twardowski and team Cookie did a superb job showing us how fun telling a story online can be.

Definitely check out this site.

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