December 12, 2008

True Love

Digital production shops Big Spaceship and Firstborn unveiled some healthy competitive spirit today with a very funny takeover of the Big Spaceship site by Firstborn.

The two shops engaged in some foosball, basketball and ping pong to celebrate the holiday cheer that is permeating the air.

Putting design and development prowess aside they competed in some physical competition that gave Firstborn the bragging rights to the phrase "We Sank The Ship".

The result is a rather hilarious depiction of the top dawgs at Big Spaceship in caricature shooting out some comic lines that I thought was pretty funny.

Its nice to see some inter-industry camaraderie amongst competing shops to liven things up a bit. Healthy competition creates a good feeling all around.

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Evan said...

I thought this was hilarious as well.

Just now came across your blog, a lot of good reads.