July 11, 2010


Rational thought within the context of one's life is required to maintain the continuity of one's path and it is understandable that we contain certain trains of thought so that we may prove ourselves to be trusted to maintain a unified sense of control over our environments.

However there are times like this, 2am on a Sunday morning, where one needs to put aside those restrictions in order to refocus on some of the fundamental aspects of one's life.

I am not a star athlete nor am I a brilliant mathematician, I am not consumed with scientific proofs nor do I care much about social caste. But one area of thought that best defines where I spend the majority of my time is in the realm of ideas.

So I am going to attempt to try and express a thought that has been churning deep within me for some time now, it may seem a bit extreme, however it needs to be articulated before it dissipates into the abyss of thoughts that were cast aside for fear of the implication of expressing them.

So here goes.

The feel like the perception of a great idea has become grossly misinterpreted.

Ideas today have become the possession of the over organized, of the psudo-creative and an exorbitantly formal realm.

We as thinkers have become stale because we have been taught that our ideas need to be meticulously cataloged and acutely plausible to execute.

We have lost sight of the great idea and the excitement and chaos that comes along with it.

Any great idea requires a certain degree of change and that change should be shrouded in chaos and be overwhelmingly exhausting to even begin to think about putting into practice.

Ideas cannot possibly be so neatly organized, innovation cannot begin to grow and evolve within the confines of our necessity of certainty.

An idea that doesn't require painstaking thought and agonizing exploration cannot possibly be worth anything more than the amount of time it took to appear in our minds.

Our ideas today seem to arrive masked with a facade that they are magically conjured by creative shamans who deceive us by re-wrapping some other shallow idea that managed to pass itself off as brilliant, but meanwhile just serving as an anesthetic so that the masses don't crave anything better.

We are casting off our greatest ability as humans, we refuse to wander within the chaos of the unknown because the lack of certainty scares us to death.

It is the ability to explore that makes us the greatest creature on earth. We have become blunt in our ability to defy convention in order to evolve further into enlightenment.

We do so because we fear we will lose control over the comfort of relative certainty.

Many of today's industries think that they are built on relative certainty, the ability to innovate the obvious has become the short cut we have chosen because it confirms our control over what we believe is truth.

The truth being our hunger for money. Our desire for power and our belief in our abilities to manipulate perception.

Investment in the exploration of the unknown is where our money is best spent.

Conventional wisdom keeps us where we are, breaking that convention is what takes us further than where we started from.

We have become modern day magicians, no better than any aboriginal tribe that believed in what it was safest to believe and continued to live according to that false certainty until it was proven otherwise by some other dominating faction that decided to unmask the pretense of the prevailing civilization.

Great ideas need to be radical, they should be near impossible to execute. A great idea should be introduced by those brave enough to delve into the primeval terrestrial terrain that the idea is mined from.

At the inception of the idea we really only catch a glimpse of change in its rawest form and we must then excavate it and polish it from the confusion that encases its potential.

That potential is what is hidden, it is the potential that we must place our beliefs in and that potential can only be identified by those smart enough to understand that it cannot be immediately organized and broken down into digestible bite sized processed pieces. It needs to be looked at as the raw material for change.

I believe that only truly great men and women undertake such ideas, they are naturally inclined to identify them either in their ethereal form or when stumbled upon by accident by some coward who is unable to identify it as anything other than something that should be filed into a folder that follows an organized convention of orders so that it may refined for mass consumption.

Everything we do has a standardization yet we fail to understand that in order to create better process for change we must shed the current order that requires the change. Only then can the idea become realized and change be instituted.

Time plays an important role in the cultivation of ideas, once an idea is accepted then the change must take its course, it will last as long as it takes for a new idea to be properly introduced.

That time is where we must grow and evolve so that we are ready to accept the new system once it has matured and is ready to be adopted. Otherwise we stunt evolution and remain stuck within our own obsessive need for control.

Ideas are like earthquakes, they should shock the public, they should impact and then inspire, there is no vote, no polls taken to meter its level of awareness and popularity, it is the force of evolution being set into motion and an idea so great that no one man can alter its path.

We fear such ideas.

When introduced we become defensive by using our stringent organizational requirements for introducing even the simplest idea. Any idea that threatens the comfort of our current certainty is automatically defused at its onset by the effort it takes to introduce its tenets for consideration.

Why do fear change?

Why do we fear evolution?

Why do we fear chaos?

Isn't it the same chaos that formed this very earth?

Isn't it the same chaos that emulsifies life and isn't it the same chaos that ultimately prevails once we have exhausted our ability to avoid it?

We must embrace the chaotic process that is involved in cultivating ideas. Rather than worrying about how the idea will impact our comforts or how it will be communicated we should spend the time and energy on the idea itself.

Once the idea has become revealed and its value for change accepted it will then instantly make itself understood on every level that it will impact.

Our job is not to manipulate its transmission but to usher its progression.

Ideas are powerful, change is powerful, nothing worth anything is painless.

We crave new ideas, we have become gorged on what is now and our minds thirst for something new.

Disruption is the only way to replace what has become stagnant. We must embrace change and culture new ideas for our own sake, we must cast aside some of our stringent organization and make room within our processes to let new ideas come to life.

Great thinkers are born with ability to explore the unknown, they are blessed with the courage to stand behind advancement and they are girded with the will to see it through.

Do not disregard your ideas, never let something go unexplored and always make room for chaos so that your ideas may have a chance to be one of the few that may advance mankind into higher realms of creativity and a more unified collective consciousness towards advancement.

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