March 8, 2006


Im so glad I finally consolidated all my blogs and started this one, I admit I hadnt taken Blogging as seriously as I should have and I sort of let myself spill my words all over the place. Like most people who Blog I wanted to start something viral, some buzz and some excitement. Im not looking to get rich like some of the other bloggers out there who are writing for the attention of the publishing world or to generate enough traffic for Yahoo to buy them out for millions of dollars. I want to inspire dialog and ignite discussion on various topics involving culture, society and the future. Who are we? Where are we going? How quickly are we going to get there?

I promised myself that I would use this space to let my mind go and simply write whatever came to mind as my day, week, month, years passed by. I have been so busy working with a major client that I havent had time to even think. Tonight I go home to pick up my laptop and finally dedicate myself to updating and consolidating my writing and this blog... stay tuned its gonna be a blast!

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