March 8, 2006


Everytime I think about the power of the web and how instantly a person can voive an opinion I get overwhelmed. Then I think of how much shit there is out there and then i get down on humanity. Never before has the common man/woman been able to create an entire image of themselves and present it to the world. For centuries a lowly person with big ideas had to know the right people in order to make their way into the right circles and even then they had to kiss some major ass in order to have a say in anything worthwhile. Now we can filter out and select specific groups of people, target messages and images that can all be created from a computer and posted instantly. Why we havent seen new leaders emerge from the depths of the web is beyond me. Surely there are great souls out there who can figure out how to start a Blog, a website a podcast or any of the thousands of ways a person can spread a word. The playing field is now level for those with passion.

I am officially posting my banner, my flag for my own personal voice, revolution, coup, whatever you want to refer to it as. I would love to see more people creating images of themselves as if they were a country or a state of some sort. With rules, morals, goals, budgets, visions and passions that they would like to share with the world. Wake up people, join the culture that will finally empower you to be heard. Say something worthwhile, share a feeling or an emotion. Become angered or aware about something you never thought about, read the news and pick a topic, become more educated, better read, expose yourself to something new each and every day. The Internet is here to stay and it houses worlds of opportunity for each and every one of us. Lets hear what you have to say!

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