March 9, 2006

Technology is so cool

Technology is so cool, as a kid I was always enamored with Times Square. Today the place is full of digital billboards that stream all kinds of content. For all of you who would love to see yourself or a loved one posted on a huge billboard in Times Square check out you can post an image and if your lucky it will be chosen. Its a really cool site, and im not just saying that because my firm did it, ok it is cooler because we did it, but really how many times do we small folk get an opportunity to see our ugly mugs up there with Gisele and P.ditty. Take a look at this picture of my daughter Maia who was chosen and her beautiful face adorns Times Square each day at 4:30. Now thats cool! As a designer I always wanted to design a huge billboard, I guess in a way I did.

Sarah was also chosen and posted in Times Square, there is a Jewish term called Nachas, it means to be proud, muco nachas here!

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