March 10, 2006

Viral - Of, relating to, or caused by a virus.

Viral - Of, relating to, or caused by a virus.

I was talking to some family members the other day and was trying my best to explain exactly what I do. I mentioned the word "viral" as part of the type of advertising/marketing that I am involved in and they all stepped back for a second and said to me "Are you the one who is sending out all these viruses and destroying peoples computers?"

WHOA!!! hold on! NO NO NO not viruses, viral! like spreading out like a virus. They looked at me as if i were some rapist, chold molestor, killer, or even worse A VIRUS INFECTOR!

It seems that one of the biggest downsides of the computer age is that so many people who are barely computer literate own computers so they can have access to the WWW yet they surf and click on any link that comes their way, they download and install all kinds of tool bars, cute (annoying as fuck!) cursers, themes, icons and all kinds of other shit from the web. They will download smiley faces, illeagal music, desktops, screen savers, animated gifs and oh the clincher, PORN!

Companies like Norton, McAffee, Microsoft and Virex along with a host of others all make million of dollars on these poor fools because they infect, contaminate, spread and email their viruses all over the place. They infect their computers, external drives, jump drives, XBOX, Blackberry, cell phone someone even told me a story about how they thought that their TV caught a virus from their computer and trust me this person was serious.

Computers are like toaster ovens, VCRs and other devices that require responsability and care. My brother often calls me up yelling at ME! because i know about this stuff and accusing me of causing his computer to be filled with viruses, why me? BECAUSE YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS STUFF! What a rediculous answer! He along with my mother, friends, grandmother, ex-wife and a host of others all feel that they can freely surf the web and click on any damn link that flashes its wares at them and then expect someone like me to fix it! Well IM DONE!!

First they accuse me of being the one to spread this shit, now they want me to fix it. I tried to explain to my brother once that I carefully set up all my computers to have seperate partitions for applications and for files, that i only go to sites i trust and i hardly ever download anything that i havent purchased from a reliable source. He looked at me as if I were mad! People today feel like they can simply ride the web without harm, this is simply not true.

So now i am officially branded within my family as a Virus spreader, no matter what I say to them they will never think otherwise because they are limited in their minds and cannot seem to think beyond their limitations in understanding technology. Isnt it ironic? Well for all you nerds out there im sure you have been in similar situations... lets hear some of your family computer nightmare stories... send em in!

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