April 20, 2006

Agency Disconnect

Recently I have been noticing a bit of a disconnect between agencies and interactive partners. Not understanding fully what is involved in creating an interactive module, or mini site can create havoc on a schedule. Small things like files sizes in FLASH and backend integrations can be easily overlooked by an agency producer and can result in them over promising on delivery dates. Unlike print, or traditional websites there cant be pushing and pulling on a schedule once set in place, especially when jobs are bid on a time and resource basis, making sure agencies understand what is involved in the job of the interactive producer and I admit that I have stumbled in that area a few times because I assaumed that the agency knew what was up. With that said, you fall, you get up and you move on, hopefully within the next few years there will be a merging of expierience and we can once again live in contractual and scheduled harmony with one another!


Daniel Schutzsmith said...

I've been using the print analogy a lot with agencies. If they push the creative schedule for a print campaign, then they will not make the press for magazines, billboards, etc... So I explain that the same can be said for interactive because if we are not completed with our side by our original scheduled date, then we cannot guarantee they would be able to hit their original launch date for their interactive campaign.

Craig A. Elimeliah said...

Daniel, im so glad you agree, its been hectic trying to make them understand, i had a recent issue with a client and in the end it worked out but took some teeth pulling to explain the difference between the two. Its a challenge we are all faced with. I remember when the old printing presses basically got phased out, how they simply didnt understand the designers of the mid to late 90s and they faded real quick. For the sake of everyones sanity there should be some "updated" practice manuals that let clients know that were living in a different age and new rules apply.