April 21, 2006


Each day I open up my web browser and peruse the various "ad" news, blogs and gossip sites I see a very clear path, this path is not only clear to me but to those who are seemingly being trampled along it. Television stations are now using their websites as a means to drum up more viewers and advertising. Since the inception of the web, television has been pounding its proverbial chest and standing tall atop the media mountain, some would say King Kong would be a great metaphor, the obvious signs of defense and protecting its realm. The humble and quiet internet kept chugging along keeping a steady pace not looking forward or back to see where TV stood. This is the part of the race everyone enjoys and is the reason people tune in... INTERNET HAS NOW TAKEN THE LEAD!!!! COMING 'ROUND THE BEND ITS INTERNET BY A HEAD!!

Television stations have now started to wave the white flag (I love when Lex Luthor does it in Superman 2) and realize that rather than dominate the media realm we can all share it happily. Does TV have to worry? YES! Will the internet have mercy? NO! But that is life, no struggle no progress type of attitude. What i find really interesting is that smaller affiliates are the ones embracing the internet, The smaller egos allow them to, they have amped up their websites and are doing some really cool stuff, one affiliate in Plattsburgh, N.Y. is letting people pitch commercials for local car dealerships. I think just like those cute rediculous commercials we all saw growing up on our local affiliate stations had an effect on us with jingles and local familiar celebrity, so will the web in featuring Bob's Used Cars in a super cool flash mini site that will be as rediculous as ever!

Thats what the web is all about, low cost interactive mass media.

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