April 24, 2006

FLASH in hand!

FLASH in hand! I am very excited about the new possibilities of Verizon and Adobe partnering up to enable and create FLASH content for cell phones. I think that FLASH has been quietly smiggling in a new breed on content developers. FLASH is now the most widely deployed video platform on the web, click here for an example, now anyone with a decent design prowess and a passion for creating media can develop for almost any platform out there using FLASH. To me the internet has now truly democrasized the world by giving everyone out there the tools to create impactful media from a home computer. Anyone with a voice, a poem, a product or a cause can move millions with powerful content that can now be viewed on cell phones lighting fast. FLASH files are tiny and easily saved, you can download them, pass them along and post them almost anywhere. Advertisers will especially love this new trend because they will now be able to send highly targeted engaging ads to cell phones everywhere. Will cell service now be free? Something to think about...

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