April 3, 2006


Rebirth! I am loving the news I read each time I open the New York Times and other industry rags about how much momentum is gaining for the smaller interactive shops within the ad industry. For years the BIG agencies have been running the show and now us small guys are starting to make some noise. Ron Berger said it so well when he used George Mason as an example from this years Final Four (I love sports mataphors) saying "Is George Mason being in the Final Four a statement that big-time college basketball is dead? Or is it a statement that the sport has a great vitality because talent is all over" To me this is another huge statement by an industry leader who recognizes that in order to achieve success in a multi tiered ad campiegn you must realize that the web and the interactive folks are just as big a player as the rest of the traditional media partners. Mr. Berger also said regarding the upcoming ad exec conference the 4 A's, that "These are people for whom the 'new media' isnt 'new media', Its 'media' " I love this statement because we were using the term New Media about 10 years ago and then it was really NEW. Now we have people like myself who have been toiling in Flash and interactive content for some time now and it refreshing to hear that the meduim is becoming not just the norm but the standard in which success is achieved.

Moving forward I think that the agencies will either put more money into serious interactive projects and rethink thier approach when putting together a campiegn or they will rebel and try desperately to hang on to the old standards of TV, Radio and Print and the rise of the smaller well established interactive houses that survived the .COM debacle will take place!

To me this is all so very revolutionary and I am simply loving it. Being a divorced father of 2 and a soon to be re-married father of 4 I am really hoping that my expierince of being an interactive producer will pay off in the paycheck department. Sometimes when you do what you love you dont think too much about how much your worth because you simply love doing what you do but when kids need to go to college and life starts shifting gears and coming at you fast (see www.lifecomesatyoufast.com) you have to start thinking about these things.... hang on folks its gonna get exciting!

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