April 6, 2006

Take the Lead is taking the lead

Take the Lead is taking the lead and showing the rest of Hollywood how to properly advertise their films properly. The newest Mash-Up site to allow users to manipulate assets and create their own clips is taking the web by storm. I recently used the Chevy Tahoe site that allows you to create your own commercial for the car and send to friends and even send to Chevy and it was FUN! I really enjoyed "mashing up" the content and creating my own version of the commercial, in doing that I was instantly familiarized with the Chevy brand and its messages, it really works!

Now the movie Take the Lead, the newest chapter of A-list Hollywood actor to "teach" inner city kids some life changing lesson, now its dancing. The site is www.taketheleadmovie.com
you can go to the site and create dance routines, mash up music, scenes and more! This is where marketing dollars need to be spent, TV sopts have proven to be limited and tickets at the box office have dropped, but now giving someone an interactive expeirience before they see the film and after they see the film will make the connection with the consumer much stronger and it may even result in higher DVD sales or even repeat visits to the theatre to see the flick again.

My hats off to Take the Lead for taking the lead and showing the rest of Hollywood how to really promote a new film!

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